News for 2018 Clients and Prospective Clients

Here is the news!

If you have booked or plan to book a 2018 Montana Elk / Deer Hunt now is the time to prepare to draw your 2018 Montana Big Game Hunting license.

This year you have until September 30, 2017 to buy a 2017 Preference Point.

Then in 2018  (January to March 15th ) you can buy a 2018 Preference Point putting you at the head of the Big Game License drawing line with two Preference Points.

If are hunting Montana in 2017 and did not purchase a 2017 Preference Point to get your 2017 Big Game License, you can still  buy a 2017 Preference Point before September 30, 2017 and apply it for drawing your 2018 Big Game License.

The cost of a 2017 Preference Point is $50.

The cost of a 2018 Preference Point ( available in January 2018 when you apply for your 2018 Big game License) is $50.

You can only buy one preference Point each year.

To purchase Montana 2017 and 2018 Preference Points go to and click Buy a License and Select Preference Points.

If you have questions about the new Preference Point System please give us a call.

-Edwin and Edward

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