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We are dedicated to finding you Montana’s best quality hunting opportunities. We guide Montana’s finest trophy elk hunts north of Yellowstone National Park and will refer you to other outfitters to meet your hunting goals.  We hunt eight miles of common boundary with the park. We also operate on surrounding Gallatin National Forest lands in Montana hunting areas 313 and 314.

You can get your non-resident license before March 15th here:

We offer Montana’s finest trophy elk hunting, adjoining Yellowstone National Park. We also guide mule deer, white tail deer, black bear and antelope hunts throughout Montana. We will help you with special permit drawings for moose, goat, bighorn sheep, mountain lion and Gardiner late season elk permits.

Thanks to our supreme location and seasoned guides, we consistently take the top SCI awards for outfitter sponsored archery elk. We have an exceptionally high rate of return hunters, some who have held their spots for 10 years or more. The hunt price is for lodging and 2 on 1 guide service. Available dates are listed below.

Are you are looking for a great mule deer? If you want an above average buck, book our Mule Deer Hunt.

More Hunts

Varmint Hunts

If you want to see the ranch before you invest in an elk hunt, come check us out and have fun doing it. In May & June the ‘Richardson Ground Squirrels” are out of hibernation. For a $250 per day guide fee you will be sure to heat up your rifle shooting gophers. Coyotes, badgers, skunks, etc. are included.

Call for details in the Yellowstone Bison Migration Hunt. Regulations are ever changing so keep in touch.

Spring Black Bear
The weather is beautiful when the bears come out of hibernation to purge themselves in the green grass and dandelion patches. You and your guide will have six days to find a black, blond, chocolate or cinnamon colored bear. Hunt cost is $3,750.00 and lodging is included. This is a spot and stalk hunt. Montana does not allow baiting or chasing bears with hounds.

We work with Eastern Montana outfitters to provide our clients with quality trophy antelope hunts. Prices vary and the best hunt locations change from year to year as game populations fluctuate. Contact us for current information.

Moose & Goat
It’s a long shot that you will draw a license. But we will keep you aware of all application deadlines and drawing results. If you do draw one of these coveted permits we will make sure you hunt with a quality outfitter who knows your game and hunting permit area.

What to Expect

How We Hunt
Because of our proximity to the boundary line of Yellowstone National Park, we hunt mornings and evenings, allowing the elk to bed during the day. We access hunting areas primarily by truck and hiking. We sometimes use horses snowmobiles and four wheelers to pack out meat.

Depending on the spot you’ll be hunting, you’ll depart from camp between 5 to 6 am. You will return to camp for midday lunch and to plan your evening hunt. You’ll return to the mountains in early afternoon and hunt until dark. Then you’ll return to camp for dinner. Between hunts you can lunch, nap, fish, visit nearby Gardiner or Yellowstone Park.

We do hire a camp cook, who will provide a light breakfast spread, lunch and dinner for you and your fellow hunters. If you have any specific dietary needs, please let us know in advance and go over your dietary needs with our cook when you arrive.

Meat Processing Policy
Successful hunters must pay for processing of their game meat even if they donate it to someone in the local area.

First Blood Policy
Because of a number of elk, deer and antelope lost by our archery hunters over the years, along with our deep respect for the animals, we have decided to join with the many other outfitters across the West who have adopted a first blood policy.

If an archer shoots at and draws blood from an animal-the hunt for that particular species is considered complete even if the hunter does not collect the animal. Of course, we will do everything we can to help the hunter collect the animal. We adopted this policy largely to discourage irresponsible, low-percentage shots on animals.

Please enjoy your hunt and take responsible shots.


Prices quoted are for four or five day hunts with two hunters per guide, food and lodging included.

A booking deposit of one half the total hunt price will hold your place in our upcoming season. We accommodate 8 to 10 hunters per week at the lodge depending on how the parties work out. Add $1000 for one on one guide service. Deposits are non-refundable.

All of our elk hunters must get a non-resident general elk license. You can get these online before the March 15 license deadline. Apply here:

The cost of Montana elk, deer, game birds and fishing license will be around $1000 elk only or deer only around $600. We strongly recommend all nonresidents buy the $50 preference point yearly.

Please print, fill out and send our client agreement form with your deposit if you decide to hunt with us: Montana Guide Service Client Agreement

2020 Archery Season Elk and Deer Hunt Openings

Please contact us to schedule an archery hunt based on your party’s needs. Our archery dates are more flexible and pricing can be quoted to you. We do provide lodging and a full kitchen, but no cook for the archery season.

2020 Rifle Season Elk and Deer Hunt Openings

October      24th  — October 28th $4,750.00
October      29th  — November 1st $3,950.00
November 2nd  — November 5th $3,950.00
November  6th  — November 10th $4,750.00
November  11th  — November 15th $4,750.00

2021 Rifle Elk and Deer Hunt Openings

October        — October  $4,750.00
October      — November $3,950.00
November   — November  $3,950.00
November   — November  $4,750.00
November    — November  $4,750.00

2020-2021 Information

All hunts are fair chase. We will need to see your Montana hunting or fishing licenses and we will need to fill out liability release forms before you begin hunting. Please bring your necessary personal hunting equipment and be prepared for any kind of weather. We require you carry bear spray in the field. Gratuities are not included in the price of your hunt. Guide tips average 10% to 20% of the hunt price. The Camp cook keeps us all well fed and the Lodge in order.  Please inform the cook of any dietary issues. Tips for the cook/camp tender average $100+. Enjoy your hunt and thank you for your business!