2018 Preference Point System

This excerpt is from an email sent to MOGA members.
Rules of the Road
The rules governing Preference Points are found in 87-2-115. Nonresident elk and deer license Preference Point system.
  • Hunters may purchase one Preference Point per calendar year
  • They may have up to two (2) Preference Points (by purchasing over two years)
  • Preference Points only apply to non-resident B-10 and B-11 license purchase
  • Nonresident clients applying to purchase a Class B-10 or Class B-11 license may purchase a Preference Point, upon payment of a nonrefundable $50 fee.
  • Clients must purchase their Preference Point before, or at the same time, that you apply for license.You cannot purchase them after and have them applied to your application.
  • Clients may purchase a Preference Point between July 1 and September 30 prior to the applicable license year.
  • The department will delete an applicant’s accumulated Preference Points if the applicant does not apply for a Class B-10 or Class B-11 license for 2 consecutive years.
  • The department shall issue 75% of the Class B-10 and Class B-11 licenses made available for purchase in the order of which applicants have purchased the greatest number of Preference Points.The remaining 25% go into the general draw.
  • Up to five applicants may apply as a party under this section and Preference Points will be considered in Party Applications.