Getting and Using 2019-2020 Preference Points

If you did not get a 2019 Montana Big Game Combination License, are you still interested in hunting Montana in the fall of 2020?

To insure you get a 2020 Montana Big Game Combination License you should buy a 2019 Preference Point ($50)  before this year’s September 30th 2019 deadline. Check out the info on preference points from MT FWP here:

In February 2020 you will want to buy a 2020 Preference Point ($50) when you apply for your 2020 Big Game Combination License before the March 15th application deadline.

This will give you TWO preference points for the 2020 license drawing. 

Two Preference Points will put you at in front of those who are hunting Montana this fall and insure that you draw a 2020 Montana Big Game (elk/deer) Combination license.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to visit about any of the other nuances in Montana’s new non-resident licensing system.

Please let me know if you buy a 2019 ($50) preference point and I will keep you up to date on the 2020 Montana Hunting License application process.